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A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s can lead to many changes in a senior’s life. Tasks that once seemed easy suddenly become complex, which can leave seniors feeling disoriented, scared, and without hope. However, the right level of support may offer a new perspective for seniors and their families. Home Care Assistance of Fort Worth, TX, supports seniors with Alzheimer’s by providing professional, reliable care in the comfort of home. Our memory caregivers provide one-on-one support that eases frustrations, empowers seniors to maintain independence, and brings families closer so they can spend more time supporting their loved ones and less time worrying about what lies ahead.

Alzhiemer’s Care Forth Worth
Forth Worth Alzhiemer’s Care

Flexible and Customizable Alzheimer’s Care Plans

Every senior with Alzheimer’s is unique. Good days and bad days are common. While care needs often increase as the disease progresses, the timetable for when this happens is never set in stone. To meet varying and progressing needs, Home Care Assistance Fort Worth works with seniors, their family members, and medical professionals to customize a care plan. Care plans outline the challenges, needs, and goals of the family while also allowing for flexibility to adapt to changes, spontaneous activities, and the preferred schedule and routines of the senior with Alzheimer’s. This level of personalization helps seniors feel less resistant toward their caregivers and makes the home care experience more convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable for the entire family unit.

Alzheimer’s Caregivers Assist Seniors with a Wide Array of Everyday Tasks

Seniors living with Alzheimer’s sometimes withdraw from the outside world when they feel uncertain about leaving home and frustrated by their limitations. The Alzheimer’s caregivers at Fort Worth Home Care Assistance provide seniors with reliable transportation and support both in and out of the home. With our help, many seniors with Alzheimer’s find it possible to visit the doctor, go to the grocery store, and attend social events. For seniors who prefer to remain at home, our Alzheimer’s caregivers are available to shop, pick up prescriptions, and run other errands. They also offer valuable companionship so seniors feel valued and never alone.

Alzhiemer’s Care Forth Worth, TX
Alzhiemer’s Care in Forth Worth

Our Cognitive Therapeutics Method Enhances Quality of Life

Research suggests the effects of Alzheimer’s are irreversible. To enhance quality of life and promote longevity, it is vital to slow the progression of the disease by stimulating the brain with fun and meaningful activities. The Cognitive Therapeutics Method takes this approach. All our memory caregivers are trained in this innovative method, and it is incorporated into our clients’ Alzheimer’s care plans at no additional charge.

If your senior loved one is living with Alzheimer’s and needs support while aging in place, Home Care Assistance in Fort Worth is here to help. To learn more about our memory care programs, call (817) 720-5556 and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation evaluation with one of our experienced Care Managers.